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Birth Control

Birth Control Pill is the vital step to put a spy on your conception or pregnancy that might be unintentional, accidental or due to a forceful incest. Pregnancy can result in women when the precaution used by the men turned out to be faulty or if the same result in the heat of the moment when the two are straddling one over other whilst relishing the phase of intimacy.

The two methods to restrict the unwanted pregnancy in women are oral contraceptives and abortion pills. Oral contraceptives in women function by resisting the entry of sperm in the women by raising the viscosity of the mucus and altering the uterine lining. Abortion pills on the other functions by acting anti to the progesterone hormone surge due to which there uterine lining degrades and the fetal tissues become deprived of the supply of oxygen and nutrition. Hence, the fetal tissue turns dead and got evacuated from the cervix opening in the form of vaginal bleeding.

Pills that restrict the fertilization in women are called Oral contraceptives and the brands available under this category are Ovral L, Yasmin, Plan B, Mircette, and Norethindrone. Pills that induce abortion in women after attaining undesired pregnancy max to gestation age of 9 weeks falls under the therapeutic category called Abortion Pills and the medications available under this banner are RU486, Mifepristone, Mifeprex, MTP Kit, Korlym, and Cytotec.

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