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Buy Alphagan Eye Drops - Generic Brimonidine Eye Drops - Cheap Price

Buy Alphagan Eye Drops - Generic Brimonidine Eye Drops - Cheap Price

Generic Brimonidine Eye Drops - Alphagan Eye Drops Online

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A brief overview about Alphagan Eye Drop?

Alphagan is a distinguished eye care solution that aids individuals having the trouble of open angle glaucoma or raised intraocular pressure to overcome it compellingly. It is a commendable ophthalmic solution, which through lessening the inflated fluid pressure in the eyes diminishes patient's risk of having optic nerve damage, vision loss, and blindness. It incorporates generic Brimonidine as its major element which due to its excelling action in speeding the fluid drainage from the eyes and hampering the fluid formation within the eyes using hugely by the patients across the world in order to get rid of open angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. 

How Alphagan exerts its action for treating open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension?

The active module Brimonidine present in Alphagan enters in the cluster of medications titled as alpha-adrenergic receptors agonist that implements its curative action through encouraging the alpha-receptors located on the blood vessels reaching to the ciliary body. This action causes the contraction of the blood vessels and lessens the amount of fluid that filters out of the blood vessels to make aqueous humor. The decrement in the manufacturing of aqueous humor curtails down the influx of aqueous humor into the eyeball, which eventually diminishes the raised intraocular pressure in the eyes. 

What is the method to apply Alphagan Eye Drop to the eyes?

Push your head slightly back, while looking upside stretch your lower eyelid in order to form a small pocket. Hold the eyedropper above your eyes with the tip down and smoothly pressed out it to instill the directed number of drops into the eyes. Close down your eyes for about 1-2 minutes and blot any excess of the drug content from the face with a clean and dry tissue paper. In order to acquire perfect results with this eye drop, you need to apply this in the affected eye three times in a day while upholding a space of 8 hours in between two consecutive applications.

What are the conflicting factors with Alphagan Eye Drop?

  • Patients those are allergic to Brimonidine or to any constituent present in Alphagan must not use this eye drop.
  • If a patient is having a medical condition such as depression, circulation problem, low blood pressure, coronary artery disease then he/she needs to take doctor's advice prior using Alphagan eye drop.

What are the possible noxious effects that a patient may experience while using Alphagan Eye Drop?

A patient while using Alphagan Eye Drop may experience some noxious effects:

  • mild burning, stinging or itching in the eyes
  • dizziness
  • hazy vision
  • dryness of mouth
  • dry eyes
  • sleepiness
  • blocked or a runny nose

What are some safety measures that should be followed by a patient with Alphagan Eye Drop?

  • Prior employing any, another eye drop alongside Alphagan a patient needs to consult a doctor.
  • A patient should not touch the tip of the applicator with any of the body parts.
  • As a patient is likely to suffer from a temporary hazy vision after applying this eye, drop hence he/she should not perform any task that demands their vision to be accurate.

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