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Buy Azopt Eye Drops Online - Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic Solution

Buy Azopt Eye Drops Online - Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic Solution

Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic Solution - Azopt Eye Drops Online

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A brief overview about Azopt eye drops (Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic Solution)

Azopt eye drops are the best medicament for the treatment of eye disorder includes of open eye glaucoma and ocular hypertension. The raised pressure inside the eyes may lead to optic nerve damage this situation is known as open eye glaucoma or may cause permanent vision loss if not treated. On the other hand, the situation of raised pressure inside the eye without nerve damage is called ocular hypotension. The great news is that Azopt eye drops treat the both condition at the same time and prevents your vision loss. 

What is the working mechanism of Azopt eye drops 

It encloses of Brinzolamide as main functional moiety and comes under the category of carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Brinzolamide show its mode of action by jamming the action of an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase. Obstructing this enzyme lowers the amount of fluid that you make in the front part of your eye called as aqueous humor, and this supports to subordinate the pressure within your eye. 

What is the dosing plan of Azopt eye drops?

Azopt is accessible as 1% Brinzolamide ophthalmic preparation. The usual recommended dose of Azopt eye drop is one drop of medication into the affected eye once in a day. Wash your hands before using the eye drops. 

How to apply the Azopt eye drops?

Incline your head back faintly and pull down on the lower eyelid to make a small pocket. Clutch the dropper above the eye with the dropper tip down. Look upwards away from the dropper. Compress out a drop and close your eye. Gently push your finger to the within corner of the eye (near the nose) for about 1 minute to keep the liquid from exhausting into your tear duct. Repeat the same procedure for the other eye if you have to use the medication for both eyes. 

What are the Conflicting factors of Azopt eye drops?

  • Ø You should not use Azopt eye drops if you are allergic to Brinzolamide or any other constituent of the drug.
  • Ø Do not use Azopt eye drops if you have a recent history of eye surgery or eye disorder.
  • Ø You should not use Azopt eye drops if you have narrow-angle glaucoma.

What are the Safety measures should be followed while using drops?

  • Ø Remove out the contact lenses if wearing before using medication and reuse them after 15 minutes.
  • Ø It is mandatory to maintain a gap of 10 minutes between two subsequent dosages, or if you have to use any other drop.
  • Ø Do not opt for drops without doctor advice in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Ø Do not touch the tip of bottle else, it may lead to microbial contamination.
  • Ø It makes your vision blurry, so take caution while taking part in attention seeking task or apply the medication before going to the bed at night. 

What are the Adverse effects of azopt eye drops?

The drops may bump into some adverse effects of blurred vision, bad taste in mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, tear production, eye irritation or itching, and dry eyes.

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