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Filitra 40 mg

Filitra 20 / 40 MG Tablets | Generic Vardenafil 20 / 40 MG

Vardenafil Generic Filitra 20 / 40 MG

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30 Tablets Filitra 20mg Verdenafil 20mg $1.33 $40.00
60 Tablets Filitra 20mg Verdenafil 20mg $1.00 $60.00
90 Tablets Filitra 20mg Verdenafil 20mg $0.78 $70.00
30 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $1.67 $50.00
60 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $1.33 $80.00
90 Tablets Filitra 40mg Verdenafil 40mg $1.06 $95.00

Brief Overview about Filitra 20 / 40 MG Tablets (Generic Vardenafil 20 / 40 MG)

Filitra 20 / 40 MG Tablets is the leading brand that has gained popularity amongst youngsters and adult men in reputed countries of the world for the attainment of better sensual pleasure. Medicine improvises the flow of blood in the penile shaft to give the men harder erection and longer inches in his shaft. The principle constituent present in brand Filitra 20 / 40 mg is Vardenafil, the generic approved by USFDA for the treatment of sensual issues in men.

What is the forte of action of Filitra 20 / 40 MG Medicine (Vardenafil)?

Vardenafil when goes in the blood stream of men it acts directly its effect on a group of enzyme PDE5 and locks functioning of cGMP breakdown. Thus, inhibition of Filitra medicine action builds up the concentration of cGMP and arousal in mind releases the chemical NO (Nitric Oxide) which further levels up the concentration of cGMP. So, the combinational effect of two cGMP & NO produces an effect called vasodilation of penile blood vessels and relaxation of smooth muscles under groin. This facilitates the rush of the blood stream in men penile shaft tuning it erect, stiff and hard for better intimate pleasure.

What is the dosage regimen of Filitra 20 / 40 MG Tablets (Vardenafil)?

Filitra 20 / 40 mg needs to be taken with colossal water 40-45 minutes before making love with a partner in bed without crushing or chewing the medication under your teeth. Take the medicine as a whole in unit dosage form and avail divine sensual pleasure in your penile organ for 4-5 hours. Men are directed to not to repeat the dosing prior completing 24 hours. 

What are the side effects of taking Filitra that can hit the user?

Vardenafil is the medication that can develop some side effect in men such as flushing of the face, shortening of breath, shivering in muscles, pain in abdomen and back.

What are the precautionary measures to be accessed with Filitra medicine?

Men need to access some cautionary measures when taking Filitra 20 / 40 mg medication such as:

  • Cut down the consumption of alcohol
  • Cut down the frequency of your tobacco smoke
  • Cut down the caffeine intake in your diet
  • Avoid taking grapefruit juice with the dosing
  • Cut down fatty foods & dump junk foods from your diet
  • Avoid steering motorbike and have caution whilst operating any machine

What are the contradictions that one should take care when taking Filitra medicine?

Following are the facts from which men should stay aware include:

  • If you are a patient that is dealing with cardiac trouble & for correction taking Nitrate enclosing medication then you should avoid the use of Filitra medication
  • Men, those are above 65 years & those are below 18 years must minimize the use of Filitra medication
  • Men, those are suffering from renal or hepatic impairments must avoid this medicine
  • Those who have severe pulmonary Veno-occlusive disorder, hereditary degenerative retinal disorder must avoid using this medicine
  • Men, those are allergic to Vardenafil must take the assistance of doctor for other medicine. 

Customer Reviews

Get rid from erectile dysfunction with Filitra Review by Samuel
Filitra is a working medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. It is used by men all over the world and found effective. Try this medicine and see the results.... (Posted on 7/25/16)
Be free from erectile dysfunction with Filitra Review by Steven
Filitra is the best medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. I have used this medicine and found it effective. You can also try this medicine.... (Posted on 7/23/16)

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