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Latanoprost Eye Drops

Buy Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML - Generic Latanoprost Drops

Generic Latanoprost Drops - Latanoprost Eye Drops Online

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A Brief Overview About Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML

Glaucoma is that condition of an eye in which there is high pressure within the eye. This can be damaging to your eye. The high pressure can cause damage to your optic nerves that are present in the back of an eye. To stop this condition, you must begin using Latanoprost eye drops. It is also useful in stopping ocular hypertension.

What Is The Action Mechanism Of Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML?

The mechanism behind the functioning of Latanoprost is that it works as prostaglandin FP receptor agonists. Therefore, the outflow of aqueous humor elevates and so there occurs the reduction in intraocular eye pressure. Hence, you can stop the further damaging effect of Glaucoma condition.

What Is The Dosage Scheme Of Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML?

To subdue intraocular hypertension, put single eye drop inside your affected eye, once every day only at evening time. To treat glaucoma especially open angle glaucoma, put single eye drop inside your affected eye, once within the day only at evening time.

Missed Dose: If you miss a dose then put it as soon you recall or if next dose time is nearer then begin from that day only. Never put more than two doses at a time.

What Is The Direction To Use Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML?

Before use clean your hand then keep your head upright. Then put a drop with a dropper in the affected eye. Close your eyes so that solution does not get removed. Put pressure at inside corner of your eye for about 2-3 minutes.

What Are Some Contraindications That You Must Keep Following Always?

DO NOT use in below condition:

  • If you have sensitivities to its ingredients
  • If you have herpes infection
  • If you have recently undergone surgery or inflammation

What Are The Precautionary Measures With Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML? 

  • You should not touch the tip of bottle or dropper as your solution may get contaminated.
  • You must take out your soft contact lenses before instilling an eye drop.
  • You can put back your lenses after 5 minutes from first eye drop.
  • Keep a gap of 15 minutes in two different eye drops.
  • Maintain a good hygiene by washing your hands before and after use.

What Is The Storage Condition To Follow With Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML?

Keep the eye drop away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Store it in a safe place away from children.

What Are The Side Affects Using Latanoprost Eye Drops (0.005%) 2.5ML?

Some ill effects that may begin after its use are as Burning, Sensitivity towards the light, Eye irritation, Stinging, Blurred eyesight, and Feeling of something inside an eye.

Where Should You Buy Latanoprost Eye Drop From?

You must avail LATANOPROST EYE DROP from our online pharmacy store at a price that is economical for everyone. Get your delivery soon at your home doors!!

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best medicine to lower pressure in the eyes Review by Renson
I am thankful to best pharmacy mart for providing such an amazing medicine to lower pressure in the eyes. (Posted on 9/1/16)

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