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Buy Optivar Eye Drops Online - Generic Azelastine Hydrochloride

Buy Optivar Eye Drops Online - Generic Azelastine Hydrochloride

Generic Azelastine Hydrochloride - Optivar Eye Drops Online

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Optivar eye drop is an ophthalmic solution, which constitutes Azelastine as the functional constituent. The eyes come watery, itchy, or red due to seasonal allergies or any allergic material. Thus, the most significant use of Optivar eye drop is in the treatment of eye allergies or the condition of allergic conjunctivitis.

What is the action mechanism of Optivar eye drop?

Optivar eye drop holding Azelastine active component is an anti-histaminic moiety, which blocks the release of histamine. Our body produces histamine chemical as a part of the allergic response. Thus, Optivar works by inhibiting the release of histamine in order to prevent and treat allergic reactions. 

How should you use Optivar eye drop?

Optivar eye drop is available at 0.05% concentration in a 5ml bottle. For treating allergic reactions of eyes, instill 1drop of Optivar eye drop in the affected eye at every 12-hour interval in a day. Make sure to remove makeup and lenses before using eye drop and then instill the drop by tilting your head backward. Apply a gentle pressure at the eye corners to prevent the drug draining.

What adverse effects are observed with Optivar eye drop?

You may notice a transient sense of burning, stinging, headache, bitter taste, blurring vision, eye pain, or mild irritation in eyes.

When should Optivar eye drop not to be used?

  • Optivar eye drop is not for the use when you have any allergic response to any element of Optivar eye drop.
  • Use of Optivar eye drop is conflicting during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Optivar eye drop is not for the allergic response because of contact lenses.
  • Safety and efficacy of Optivar eye drop are not established for children and geriatric persons without consultation.

What are the preventive measures while using Optivar eye drop?

  • It is cautious to use Optivar eye drop while wearing contact lenses so remove them before using and wait for 10 minutes for reinsertion after using eye drop.
  • Take precaution to prevent the touch of bottle tip to fingers, eyes, or any other surface else, it can cause drug contamination.
  • Take precaution while using any other ophthalmic medication with Optivar eye drop.

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