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STAD 14000 - Lidocaine Spray

Buy STAD 14000 Spray - Lidocaine Spray

Stad 14000 - Lignocaine

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Stad 14000 contains Lidocaine as the functional element. This topical spray formulation is efficient in treating the sexual dysfunction condition of premature ejaculation. This condition occurs when male ejaculate before the required time during sexual intimacy. Thus, Stad 14000 is only helpful for those men and not for usual delaying in normal ejaculating men.

How does Stad 14000 act?

Stad 14000 comprising Lidocaine is a drug from local anesthetic class. Hence, this medication is helpful in averting the nerve impulse for ejaculation stimulus to the brain. Thus, improves your sexual performance by delaying the ejaculatory reflex action assisting you to stay longer in lovemaking for complete intimacy.   

How should you use Stad 14000?

Stad 14000 is a topically applied external preparation that is needed to spray 10-15minutes prior to intimacy at the top of the erectile organ only. Before spraying, shake the spray bottle and then spray the drug at the distance of 5cm away from the organ. You must be sexually excited to enjoy the drug benefits with three sprays as the minimum dose and five sprays as the maximum dose. In a single time, you can use 8-10sprays. Do not forget to wash your hands before and after the use of Stad 14000.

What side effects you may notice with Stad 14000?

Skin rashes, dizziness, sense of burning, twitching, itching, irritation, or headache are some commonly seen adverse effects with the use of Stad 14000.

When should you not use Stad 14000?

  • You must not use Stad 14000 on the cut, irritated, or itchy skin else, it can worsen the skin condition.
  • Use of Stad 14000 during oversensitivity to any ingredient of Stad 14000 is conflicting.
  • It is conflicting to use Stad 14000 if you have any medical issue of liver, heart, kidney, blood pressure, or bleeding disorder.

What are the noteworthy points while using Stad 14000?

  • Make sure to use a barrier method like condom while intercourse after using Stad 14000 so that the drug does not affect your partner's genital.
  • Using Stad 14000 frequently can cause numbness of the genitals or erectile organ, so it should be avoided and used only when desire sexual intimacy.

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