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stud 5000 - lidocaine spray

Buy Stad 5000 Spray - Lidocaine Spray

Generic Lidocaine Spray - Stad 5000 Spray

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If you are the men facing the trouble of sexual dysfunction like as premature ejaculation or erection trouble during intimacy then Stud 5000 spray is the best medication for you to improves the sexual pleasure. It is one of the world best leading sprays that aid the men to control over the ejaculation time to enjoy the longer sensual act.

Action mechanism of Stud 5000-

Generic Lidocaine hydrochloride is the energetic ingredient there in this spray. This medicine exhibit its action by increasing the ejaculation time, brings about an improve in the duration of lovemaking, in order that men distress from this illness enjoys the intercourse for a complete duration of time. This is a prudent product containing a mild skin lubricant. It acts as a mild anesthetic and diminishes the sensitivity for delayed intimacy experience.

Dosage regimen of Stud 5000-

STAD-5000 spray is simple and harmless to use. You are advice to apply this spray 5 minutes before to physical activity and avoid using it for more than 2 to 3 sprays. Keep the spray left from eyes. Circumvent puncturing or heating of the bottle. Tremble the container well before the use of this medication. Usually, three or four sprays are applied topically to the male penile organ and this dose is based on the patient acceptability. The maximum advice dose of STAD-5000 is 10 sprays to reach the desired action.

Conflicting factors of Stud 5000-

  • The use of Stud 5000 is conflicting under the medical condition of Myasthenia gravis, Painful erection, Liver or kidney failure, Epilepsy, Cardiac disorder and sensitivity to Lidocaine.
  • TCA antidepressant, MAO inhibitor and antihypertensive drug show interaction with Stud 5000, so avoid the use of this medication together.

Side effects of Stud 5000-

The Stud may give rise to some annoying effects like as of skin irritation, nervousness, burning of skin, stomach upset, vomiting, hearing troubles, depression of respiratory system, abnormal vision and seizures.

Defensive measures of Stud 5000-

  • Clean and dry the penile area before applying the dose of Stud 5000.
  • The use of Stud spray is not sensible in men under age of 18 years.
  • Avoid intake of high fatty food, alcohol along with Stud 5000.

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