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Buy Flunarizine Online | Generic Sibelium

Buy Flunarizine Online | Generic Sibelium


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What do you know about Flunarizine or Sibelium?

 The drug Sibelium contains generic Flunarizine that is calcium channel blocker, meant for the treatment of classic aura or without aura migraine. The drug is also indicated for the ailment of vestibular vertigo, where one is suffering disorder of vestibular system.

How the drug Sibelium helps in ailment?

The drug affects the autonomic action and provides antihistaminic affect. The drug is served for its anti-vertigo action, Flunarizine is class IV selective calcium channel blocker, which brings relaxation in smooth muscles spasm and arteriole and arteries distension and spasm are reduced and thus migraine problem is resolved.

What are the contra indications for the Sibelium Tablet?

• If patient is hypersensitive to the core drug or its ingredient then one should not have Sibelium tablet.
• If patient bears any history of depression or having symptom of Parkinsonism should not administer the medication.
• If female is pregnant then she must not take the Sibelium tablet.

Which possible drugs, one should not administer concomitantly while taking generic Flunarizine?

• Oral contraceptive pills should be avoided while taking Sibelium tablet.
• Patient taking Hepatic enzyme inducers should be avoided like Phenytoin and Carbamazepine as these drugs increase the metabolism of generic Flunarizine.

What are the safe storage conditions for the Sibelium tablets?

• Keep the solid oral dosage form out of reach of small children and pet animals.
• Keep the medicament in cool and moist free area. Do not keep the drug in direct exposure of sunlight as the drug may get deteriorate.

What is the prophylactic dose of generic Flunarizine?

• The drug is served in 5mg and 10mg dose strengths.
• For the prophylaxis of Migraine pain one may prescribe it oral 5 -10 mg once in a day.
• There is no need of dose adjustment for the renal or hepatic impaired patients.

What if you have taken more than required or overdosed the medication?

One may suffer sedation, one should seek medical help or approach poison center nearby as the drug may bring agitation and tachycardia.

What are the ill effects that can be noticed after intake of generic Flunarizine or Sibelium tablet?

• The common side effects that can be noticed after intake of Sibelium tablet are anxiety and depression, one may feel dizzy and body ache insomnia and drowsiness it depends on individual to individual.
• The drug may induce irregular menstrual cycles in women and prolactin level may be altered, even lead to increased appetite.

What are the warning indications while administering Sibelium tablet?

• One should not have medication if one has history of depression or patient having medication like Phenothiazines, should not take the medication.
• One should not over dose the medication and take the medication at same time of medication.
• The drug may also have risk of Teratogenic event.

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