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Maxalt 5mg

Maxalt 5mg

Rizatriptan (RYE-za-TRIP-tan)

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A migraine headache is the worst headache amongst all different types of a headache. The characteristic feature of a migraine is that it's pain occurs only in one-half of the head and the sensitivity to sound and light gets on to immense to the nerves to be tolerated well by the person. Rizatriptan is the generic salt that is enclosed within the brand Maxalt and it effectively ambushes a headache that has already begun. You cannot take it as a prophylaxis to prevent a headache generation.

Action mechanism of Maxalt:

Maxalt cures a headache by simply constricting the dilated blood vessels and reducing the swelling or inflammation over them and in region vicinity to the brain. The medication counters the trigger of neurotransmitter or chemicals responsible for causing pain. Thus calms a patient headache either with or without aura.  

The dosing regimen of Maxalt:

A person when strikes migraine attack can consume either 5mg or 10 mg dosing of Maxalt but only if the attack is acute migraine attack.  Have to consume this dose as whole either with or without food after the commencement of migraine pain. If pain emerges again then the patient can take the second dose only after taking the lapse of 2 hours or seek physician's advice.

The pernicious effect of Maxalt intake:

People who are taking Maxalt for their migraine pain cure can experience some adverse effects such as alteration in mood and social behavior. Flushing, fever, irritation, agitation, perplexed and some sort of delusion too.

Precautions to Maxalt therapy:

  • A person, when taking Maxalt, must avoid driving the car especially at night when the glare of headlight directly falls into the eye of the driver which might again shoot up the intensity of a headache.
  • Avoid suggesting this medication to people under the age of 18 and above 65 years. 
  • Women after striking menopause and other who are obese must not consume Maxalt without seeking physician advice.

Contraindications to Maxalt therapy:

  • A patient who develops allergic reactions after taking Maxalt must omit its usage and consult a physician for the same.
  • Patients with troubles of kidney, liver, lungs or diabetes must contradict the use of medicine.
  • Do not consume Maxalt if you were taking MAO therapy from last 14 days.
  • Do not consume Maxalt if you are a pregnant or nursing mother without the advice of a physician.

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